I was walking my dogs around Portland's Eastern Promenade on Monday afternoon when I rounded the corner to Fort Allen Park. The park looks over Casco Bay and Fort Gorges. It is the perfect spot to perch on a bench and watch the ships come and go. It's also a great place to catch your breath and refuel if you're getting some exercise outside, like Eloise, Lou Lou, and I.

Unfortunately, the water fountains that many rely on for their on-the-go hydration haven't worked in quite some time. I often try to offer my dogs a sip from the water fountain, but every time I'm left standing awkwardly with my dog tilting her head in confusion.

On Monday afternoon, I saw what I thought was a seriously kind yet super simple gesture by some person. Beneath the nonworking water fountain was a case of water bottles.


I'm not sure who is responsible for the water or why they left them there -- maybe they had a few left over from a barbecue and wanted them to go to good use. Maybe they were a runner who was tired of going thirsty on their daily run. Or maybe the generous water gift was left by someone who knew those fountains may also provide water to the city residents who have fallen on hard times.

It was a simple gesture, but I thought it was so kind.

Do something kind for someone today.

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