A YouTube user catches continuous acts of bad driving (and bad walking) from his dash cam and shares it! Check it out.



YouTube user SolicitedDavid has posted a series of videos he's calling "Bad Drivers of Portland, Maine". Each of his videos run roughly between 10-12 minutes long, but do catch some truly horrifying and frustrating acts of driving on his dash cam. In the video posted above, I've highlighted some of my favorite (or LEAST favorite) moments that you can fast forward to.

4:10 "The Classic I Don't Know Which Lane I Want To Be In Move"

Congress St. by the Greyhound station can be a real tricky place if you're not driving in the city everyday. I've seen this driving move at least 5-10 times myself, but it seems a lot more silly/stupid when caught on video.

4:22 "WHOOPSIE! Just Backing Out Of My Driveway Onto A Narrow Road"

Portland has several notoriously narrow roads thanks to street parking and an overall infrastructure issue. If this hasn't happened to you while trying to snag a 2 hour parking spot on a side street, hang in there, it's coming.


This can happen on a daily basis in the summer to any driver on any remotely busy street in Portland. Despite a green light for the driver, you'll find a couple of pedestrians crossing the road, putting their hands up with the "ohhh, i'm sorry" gesture and just as they're about to clear the road...BOOM! Another three pedestrians and the avalanche continues from there. Watch that clip and try not to get even a little road rage.

8:28 "Pedestrian SURPRISE!"

This the most frightening of all the driving clips in this video and it happens all too often on Congress St as well as Commercial. The light turns green and Johnny-Need-To-Cross-The-Street-Right-Now jumps right out in front of a moving car so that he can go hammer down a margarita at Taco Escobar. Crosswalks are fun.

9:30 "Heyyyyy, I'm Going To Take This Right Hand Turn Right Now Without Any Warning"

This is something that is beginning to happen with stunning frequency. The sudden almost complete stop and take a sharp right because you found a parking spot, your new favorite restaurant or a beautiful girl to stare at. Unfortunately you forgot to let the driver behind you know and nearly caused a 5 car pile-up. Brilliant.


This video only catches SOME of the daily frustration of driving in Portland, Maine. Got any good stories (or videos) of your own?