In this NSFW video, watch as a confrontation at a stoplight leads to someone declaring that "this is the best day ever!!"

It wasn't the best day ever for the person who exited their car to confront another motorist during a road rage incident near Rochester, New Hampshire. The video, found on Facebook courtesy of Mel Spiers, doesn't give a lot of detail on what led to the short incident. However, it does show quite vividly that the person who exited their car got the short end of the stick.

Perhaps the most ridiculous part of the video is actually the narrator. Early on, he declares that "this is the best day ever" followed later by "we're going to watch someone....get murdered!". Thankfully, the female that can be heard on the video is a clear voice of reason.

There's been no official report by police on any damage sustained by vehicles or humans in this road rage confrontation so we'll just chalk it up to a commute gone bad. Oh, and we're super duper glad nobody got murdered!