According to some, this is going to be the next 'Gangnam Style' type of craze so brace yourself.

This Japanese comedian's name is Kosaka Daimaou, he's also a DJ and his little video called PPAP (pen pineapple apple pen) has been viewed over 5 million times since it was uploaded on August 28th. He began posting videos to YouTube about a month ago as Piko-Taro. He says he created the alter ego for his stand-up performances, and it became very popular in Japan.

Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen was the first video he ever posted on YouTube. A month later, it has spread beyond a virus.

And this is the short version! Someone has recently made a 10 HOUR REMIX of this which already has almost 200,000 views! Seriously, 10 hours.



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