Up in Brunswick, a flea market sign got me to pull over and it was the best things I ever did!


As I was looking at all the old tools, and dishes, and books and records, and just old...well, crap. When all of a sudden I was thrown back into my childhood when I saw a stack of these!



There were 8 of them and I bought every one of them for 10 bucks. When I was around 7 years old, I was obsessed with Mad Magazine. Hell...I didn't understand half of it, but still loved every page. One artist I really liked. I thought that maybe I wanted to be an artist when I was little, so I would copy (not trace...but look at something and try to draw it) things from Mad Magazine.

The one artist I loved the most was Jack Davis.


I don't know why I was obsessed with this artist, but I was. I was so obsessed that I once wrote to Mr. Davis and sent him one of the pictures I copied of his work. I expected that he would write back and tell me how amazing I was.

I was 7.

He did write back. He was incredibly nice, but the basic message was 'stop copying my work'. Thank God I was a little kid, or I'm pretty sure a lawsuit woulda been coming my way. (Jack passed away in 2016...probably wondering if I ever

Here's to a favorite memory, as next month (August) is the last month they will publish Mad Magazine....