Going from quarantine to a semi quarantine situation is tough, but now is the time to get your kids outside, get them the exercise they need, and channel their energy more constructively. In this blog, here are three semi quarantine activities that are still available for you and your children.

Trampoline Park

The famous get air trampoline park in South Portland has reopened, and if you go to their website, they have a place where you can reschedule a party or an event that may have been postponed due to the COVID19 outbreak. Being a former kindergarten teacher, I can only empathize with how you must have felt being a parent at home with your screaming children for the past three months with no end or activities in sight. But last week, the opening of playgrounds and this week, the opening of the trampoline park offers Hope and a light at the end of the tunnel for your children to have a constructive way to get energy out and exercise.

YouTube via Kevin Reinartz


The drive-in movie theater season has not slowed down despite the COVID19 pandemic do the fact that drive-ins or just built for social distancing! You can catch a good movie you can also go to the concessions and hang out the whole family without worrying about being coughed on by somebody behind you. A great place to take the kids and get them to do something other than look at the nefarious contents of your iPhone.

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Last but not least the city of Portland Parks and Rec facilities has reopened playgrounds as of last week, so if you don't want to do the movies you don't want to do the trampoline park there's also the traditional playground that is tried and true for years, and kids still enjoy it.

Bradley Hebdon

Remember, even though quarantine is semi over, you still have to take precautions, wear a mask when you can, sanitize your hands, especially after going out places where other people are. Also please social distance can't stress that enough we're still in the middle of a pandemic so play hard play smart.

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