As of June 17, our favorite restaurants will be able to open for 'dine-in,' and we are all rejoicing about eating at our favorite place without swatting black flies.

There is another opening that we have not discussed as of yet. 


It appears being childless, I was unaware that playgrounds had been closed. However, as of yesterday, Portland Parks & Rec have made it official that they are reopening. 

These are the precautions they want you to make sure you take when bringing your children to the park to protect your family. 

  1. Maintain a six-foot distance away from children who do not live with you.
  2. Bring hand sanitizer with you; it is your best friend. 
  3. Make sure you wear a cloth face covering.
  4. Wash your hands before and after use of the playground for 20 seconds, at least. 

It looks like they will not be sterilized, so you will need to make sure you follow those instructions to keep everyone safe.  

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