It's been seven years since the original star of The Q Morning Show left to move to the sunny and warm south. Meredith Manning started doing the Q Morning Show mostly solo back in November of 1996. I joined her later in 1999 and Lori a few years later and the three of us were together for 13 years.

We did a lot of things together as a team and many of them we made videos out of. So I thought I'd start a Throwback Thursday segment featuring some of those skits, remote broadcasts, and other events we did back in the day each week until we run out.

Let's start off with The Q's Clause of a Cause. In 2010 and 2011, Meredith, Lori and I did Christmas shopping for local Maine teenagers who are not as fortunate as others and often overlooked at Christmas time when they are in need of gifts.

So we all piled into the Q Van and went to Walgreens which partnered with us to help these kids. We brought a camera along that we handed to former promotions guy Brett Williams and just had some fun with it.

Now, keep in mind, this was 2010 and 2011. YouTube had just added HD and there weren't a lot of inexpensive HD cameras at the time and smartphones weren't all HD just yet. We used an actual camcorder to shoot these videos, so the quality is not what we're used to in 2022. The first video is from 2010 and the second is from 2011.

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