On May 15, Trails 'N Ales Restaurant in Gray closed its doors to move to a new location and after a little over two months of renovation, that new location is ready to open.

You may remember Cole Farms which was on Lewiston Road in Gray for 68 years. It closed in early January of 2020 ending a long tradition in Gray that has been unmatched.

Trails 'N Ales, another family-owned business opened in the former Cole Farms building at the end of 2021 and not only served up delicious food and good brews but also opened a retail store. The name was derived from the trail that runs through the woods behind the building. You could go for a hike and grab a bite to eat afterward.

In May, Trails 'N Ales announced on Facebook that they would be closing the restaurant in Gray after only about six months of business and moving to a new location on Roosevelt Trail in North Windham.

The new location is what use to be the home of Rustler's Steak House, which moved just down the road a bit onto Tandberg trail in the former Gilbert's Chowderhouse.

Trails 'N Ales is almost ready for its grand re-opening, posting on Facebook this week that Thursday, July 21 will be opening day.

The former Rustler's has been renovated to accommodate Trails 'N Ales and it looks great.


What got my attention is that they are serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, and opening at 7 a.m. There aren't a lot of breakfast places to choose from in Windham unless you want to grab something at a fast food restaurant. It's nice to see that there'll be a new place that serves breakfast added to the shortlist in Windham.

I also see they have Downeast Cider on tap. If they serve Blue Slushie cider on tap, I will love them forever.

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