I like my Amazon packages fast, just like the next person, but I can honestly tell you that 'damn,' this story is full of hot tea!

Letter carriers at the Portland post office have filed a complaint against the postmaster of Portland, accusing him of deliberately delaying first class mail and fast-tracking packages from Amazon, according to the Portland Press Herald.

The Portland postmaster has not responded to Portland Press Herald's calls about the accusations.

However, Steve Doherty, a spokesman for the postal service, said in the Press Herald article:

“In our current environment, dealing with the health crisis and a surge in package volumes due to online shopping, both our delivery offices and mail processing facilities find themselves flexing resources daily and around the clock to continue to meet the changing needs of our customers.”

The Press Herald states on top of the accusations, the postal service has been struggling with its high volume of deliveries.

Additionally, the Hillreporter.com states that with the new nationwide postmaster general's changes to the postal service, "many saw the changes as creating a hurdle for completing package deliveries." The article also adds that these changes have put them behind other private companies; think I.E. DHL or UPS.

However, thinking about this as someone that goes to work the 9:00 to 5:00 and doesn't deal with politics, if I choose to send a package to a friend or family, I expect it to be there when they tell me it's going to be. Don't say it's going to be there on Tuesday and it shows up on Friday, right?

What are your thoughts, how do you feel this affects you, and how does it appear to you?

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