We've all almost turned onto a one-way street heading the wrong way. Some of us have even driven the wrong way down that street for a couple seconds before realizing all the cars were parked facing us and signs were all pointing in the opposite direction. Your stomach drops and you immediately find an opportunity to pull a U-turn or pull onto a different street.

One driver on Monday night near Smyrna, Maine didn't have quite the same reaction as the rest of us. Press Herald reports that the motorist drove his truck the wrong way on I-95 for miles, refusing to stop and eluding police. Troopers shut down part of the interstate in an attempt to stop the driver but were unsuccessful.

The truck was later found on Route II in Ashland having run out of gas. According to the Press Herald, 43-year-old David Cram of Houlton was charged with drunken driving, driving to endanger and reckless conduct. It’s unknown if he has a lawyer.

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