Themed cafes are all the rage these days. Some cafes allow you to enjoy your latte next to kittens, others are inspired by your favorite TV shows filled with pop culture memorabilia.

One cafe set to open in Rockland is inspired by none other than President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Holds Press Conference On His New Book "Crippled America"
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It's an interesting angle for sure. There isn't a more polarizing figure in the world today than Trump. Whether this will help or hurt the business remains to be seen.

The shop will be named Covfefe. The name is a tribute to a typo from a tweet written by Trump that went viral in 2017.

Covfefe will be opening at 325 Old County Road in Rockland and will also be a gift shop. No official opening date has been announced at this time.


According to the Village Soup, co-owner Carrie Merchant confirmed that the cafe will be pro-Trump but offered no other details before hanging up the phone.

Would you want to visit Covfefe? What sort of items do you think will show up on the menu? Let us know using the 'Message Us' feature on the app!

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