It's not as rare to see a bald eagle in Maine as it used to be since they came off the endangered species list. It is however pretty rare to be walking through the woods in Cape Elizabeth and come across two of them on the ground starting right up at you.

The South Portland Police Department posted a picture of two bald eagles discovered by someone walking through the woods. They were both alive, but they were intertwined to the point where if you look at the picture quickly, they kind of look like a two-headed bald eagle. Not the case though. In fact, what's going on here is pure stubbornness.

When the Animal Control Officer arrived expecting that the eagles were injured, he realized that they were perfectly healthy and had just muckled onto each other. He could only assume the two got into some sort of fight, grabbed each other and both of them refused to let go. Possibly they were fighting over some prey, like other birds, a mouse, or even a squirrel. According to Wikipedia, bald eagles feed on 400 different types of species including fish, birds and mammals.

Like a dad breaking up the fight between two kids, the Animal Control Officer managed to gently coax the two to let go of each other and they both flow off in opposite directions, probably still bitter that neither of them won the fight.

In the South Portland Police Department's post, they shared the moral of this eagle story: "Learn to communicate civilly with your neighbors because being overly stubborn may land your photo on the South Portland Police Department Facebook page."

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