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When you work in media, you need to expect that not everyone is going to like you. Especially in New England, where smack talk is harder and you need harder outer shells if you’re in the public eye (or ears) on the regular.

There have already been countless times, as an example, where Maine meteorologists receive snail mail that’s left anonymous and not signed, but either suggests that they’re simply not good, not good-looking enough or have horrible fashion sense. (Which, quite honestly, if you’re just turning the TV on for a check of the weather forecast – who cares what someone looks like or is wearing? As long as they gave accurate info, again, who cares?)

It’s easiest just to lean into the hate and bashing and let it roll off your shoulder, which is exactly how NEWS CENTER Maine meteorologist Keith Carson tends to operate, generally taking to social media to poke fun at the mail he receives that pokes fun at him.

A recent postcard called both Keith and Todd Gutner out

Keith’s latest postcard post highlights an unknown sender mailing a postcard from Camden that targets both he and fellow NEWS CENTER Maine meteorologist Todd Gutner. It suggests that Keith and Todd are up to no good and can’t “get away with just anything.”

First off, you have to respect exactly how Keith leans into this type of mail, with his on-point Maine sarcasm caption of “the ‘for meteorologists’ is the absolute kill shot here.”

But also, what exactly are Keith and Todd being accused of trying to get away with? Forecasting snow in June? Hell, it’s New England and more specifically, it’s Maine, and it felt like fall last weekend – it’s believable! Low-balling what the high temps will be so we accidentally dress too warm for the day? Better than them telling us the high will be 10-degrees warmer than it actually is so we walk around acting hypothermic all day.


Or is it just the fact that, unlike most of us, they don’t take themselves all that seriously (to the point where they post hate mail they get like shown above and can laugh about it?) Hell, Todd Gutner’s face is on a beach towel. Not even as promotional material for NEWS CENTER Maine, but as a sarcastic joke by his friends. Maybe the postcard writer is just jealous because they both reek of confidence and BDE (Google it).

In closing, not only to this postcard writer but the other authors of hate mail to Maine meteorologists, news reporters, and other public figures we see and hear every day – who hurt you?

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