In case you missed it, I asked my girlfriend Kathleen to marry me earlier this month. If you haven't seen the video, you should check it out...her reaction was absolutely priceless. In the process of finding the perfect ring, I learned everything there is to know about diamonds. I made sure to get the best deal possible for my budget. And it paid off...she was blown away and loved her ring. But there was just one problem - I was WAY off with the size of the ring, so we had to have it resized. Neither of us wanted her to be without a ring for even a short amount of time, so we agreed that she would wear a cubic zirconia "stand in" while the real one was being fixed. Turns out the temporary ring was actually even bigger than the real one...and very loose on her finger. So on her first day wearing it at work, probably in the midst of one of her very animated hand gestures she's famous for, it flew right off her finger. As she frantically searched for it, she realized she had stepped on it, and the stone popped right out of the prongs. Because it's only the replacement ring, we can laugh at this little accident. I'm just incredibly grateful that it wasn't the real ring that was damaged. Which by the way, she assures me will never happen once we get it back, because it will actually fit!

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