It looks like after sixty-six years as a staple in Portland, Uncle Andy's Diner is going to be closing its doors. The diner has been featured on the Food Network and is a tourist destination for Portland Visitors. So why, after all this time, is this icon closing its doors? The answer is the same for this and other businesses worldwide, COVID 19.

According to the restaurants' social media, they were unable to obtain a PPP Loan so they would close their doors after memorial day.

One massive shift that has hurt them is taken out as the owner and cook Dennis Fogg told the Portland Press Herald. "People don't really think of breakfast food as takeout except for Dunkin' Donuts, and we really depend on volume. We've always been able just to get by, but now we can't."

Their Facebook page was flooded with hundreds of messages wishing them well and sadness for them leaving. In times like this, we have to do what we can to support local businesses when we can! Will you be stopping by Uncle Andy's before the 31st?

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