Being an artist usually means it's a hobby that sometimes brings in money...until a pandemic hits.

Who is Kyle T. Randall?

Kyle T. Randall is an artist and Portland native. He's mostly self-taught but also studied at the University of Southern Maine. He lost his job in January 2020. That's when he decided to take a couple of months off to paint. By March 2020, he had a job interview and was very confident the job was his.

That's March 2020...on the 15th - the world shut down that day. The job disappeared - that's when Kyle decided that he was now a full-time artist. He draws the world around him, which is mostly Portland, Maine. A perfect backdrop for an artist.

What does Kyle paint?

He started doing interior portraits about 15 years ago, with an etching of his kitchen in an East End apartment. Kyle loves seeing and exploring the way we use spaces and shape them to our needs. He says you can tell a lot about a person by how they use their space.

What is the Postcard Subscription?

Kyle runs a postcard subscription box, mailing out postcards every month. His postcard subscription box doesn't bring in a huge amount of money, but it supplements his income and just as importantly, keeps him creating and innovating. You can get postcards sent right to your door. They are so awesome, I don't want to send them to anyone!
Kyle has found a niche for himself in the close-knit artist community at Hemlock street in Portland, fitting in beside other visual artists. Together, they host various art shows and events. You might see him sitting outside in the greater Portland area, paintbrush in one hand, coffee in the other.
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