How's your neck today? Have a bit of a rough ride into work? That's because pothole season has arrived early across the state of Maine and for whatever reason, the City of Portland's roads are crumbling right below our feet.

Take a drive down Brighton Avenue in Portland as long as your shocks have been checked recently. There was even a rumor that Brighton Avenue organically decided to swallow an entire Prius whole with several of its potholes. That rumor was debunked.

On everyone's drive time favorite Forest Avenue, there are parts of the road that seem like construction crews took jackhammers to it, and then just walked off whistling in some demonic payback to angry drivers. That myth has also been debunked.

Even Portland's less busy roads haven't been immune. Small neighborhood streets have become pseudo-obstacle courses for your car, as though there was some American Ninja Warrior competition for automobiles that you were accidentally taking part in.

Instead, the reality is that Portland roads are falling victim to a crazy fluctuation in weather. Portland has seen plenty of snow and rain this winter, and because of the random warm days, the melting has occured earlier this season. leaving roads in rough shape. The City of Portland has been working hard to fill in the potholes as quickly and efficiently as possible but the job has been a bit overwhelming.

So what can we do? Nothing really. Just drive to and from work like we're part of this scene from Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. Good luck!

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