Guys, I'm a repeat offender of seeing this cool sign everywhere and totally supporting it as if I know where it comes from when I don't. I had zero clue (and neither did my friends), but we knew it was colorful, cheery, and motivational, so I guess we just never asked what else it could be?

There's a sign location over on Forest Ave across from the gym I work out at, and I see it every day. Finally, as I was walking to my car admiring it,  I asked myself if maybe it was a coffee shop? An antique store? So I googled it thinking that you may also be in the same boat, and here's what I found.

What is the meaning of the 'Hopeful' signs in Maine?

It all stems from a Maine artist named Charlie Hewitt. According to, Charlie is "hopeful about Portland."The website states that he is, "so hopeful that he has installed a 24-foot lighted sculpture on the roof of Speedwell Projects that projects his optimism in big, colorful neon lights." also notes that the sign has "the feel of the 1960s and illuminates Woodfords Corner with all kinds of positive vibes."

To my delight, it turns out this big neon sign we see everywhere – whether it's painted, put on a beer can, photographed, or hung up in museums all over the state – is just a simple an act of positive, kind art. We love it.

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