Amanda Jordan is frustrated and has tried everything to help. Let's see if we can solve this.

Amanda Jordan said she heard and then saw a dog locked in a cold truck for hours. She approached the woman (her neighbor) and was allegedly waved off and ignored.

She said she has called ASPCA, Oxford County, Sheriff's Office... to no avail. We reached out to the Oxford County Sheriff's Department, which said it is not getting involved, and to the Animal Welfare in Augusta, which said they will investigate the alleged situation.

Amanda just wants this dog, and possibly others and a goat, to be taken care of. Can anyone help? There is no animal control in Dixfield, and she is being told that there is 'nothing that can be done'.

If anyone has any suggestions on how the animals can get help - please suggest.

It is gut wrenching to hear the dog barking.

The owner eventually brought the dog inside the house.

Let's get this dog some help.

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