Since 1998 Guitar Grave on Congress Street in Portland has been a hot spot for musicians to buy new or used gear and to just chat with the employees about anything and everything.

They also have a pretty active YouTube channel with a lot of videos about weird, funny and unbelievable things that happen in or around the store.

One such incident caught the eyes of the people that run the Facebook page Viral Thread.

A customer had been searching for a certain guitar for a very long time and finally found it at Guitar Grave but he came up about $20.00 short to purchase it. Determined to finally own that particular guitar, he thought about how he would get the money, remembering some friends owed him a bit when all of a sudden a woman named Judy pops into the picture and offers to pay the difference saying she's "paying it forward." Needless to say the customer was overwhelmed with gratitude.

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