Do you remember Canal Bank, video arcades and a time in Portland before One City Center was built? This YouTube shows what city life in Portland looked like back in the early 80's.  

The footage was posted by Reginald Groff of Groff video, who shot it on his first piece of video equipment after moving away from Super8 film.

According to his YouTube post, it was used on cable public access channel 7 in Portland and shows the city in 1980. That might be a little early, as a shot in a Portland arcade shows the video game Robotron 2064 which was released in 1982. That's the video game geek in me coming out there.

You'll see Canal Plaza when it was still Canal Bank, Monument Square before One City Center had been built and a shot of the Elm Theater Mask on Temple Street, just a few years after it had been placed there as a monument.

How many of these locations can you recognize?


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