This is cool. Portland doesn't see too many of these types of events, so I'm excited about it. Conveniently happening at the Cross Insurance Arena in downtown Portland is a bunch of unique indoor "extreme" ice races. The most Maine activity you'll ever watch. Amazing.

My friends and I see these things as an opportunity to do something we don't usually do. Is there really anything more hilarious than pre-gaming an extreme ice race? It's universal. It's also a place you can take the whole fam to keep everyone entertained while it's freezing outside.

When: Saturday, January 13, 2023
Where: Cross Insurance Arena, Portland, Maine
Time: 2 PM

Tickets have been on sale since November, so if you're interested, definitely check out their availability.

Here's what the races looked like back in 2019. I was curious what type of vehicle constitutes as an extreme sport, so here it is.

This would actually be a pretty cool Christmas gift. Maybe a stocking stuffer? Put some tickets for the whole fam in there (as I quickly realize I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet).

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