Two words that pretty much bring everyone to the yard? Free. Pizza.

Whether it's leftover cold slices from your roommate's party last night, hot and fresh from your boss for employee appreciation day, or just plain free pizza on the street (I might be a little suspicious of the last one, tbh), free pizza is always a good pick me up.

Well, Pat's Pizza on Commercial Street in Portland is well aware of this fact. They're also well aware of how to immediately fill the place with hopeful locals: offer up a year of free weekly pizza to the first 100 customers in the door on September 20th.

Screenshot 2019-09-11 at 11.18.13 AM

That's right; when Pat's opens its doors on that blessed Friday the 20th, squeeze your hungry ass in the door within the first 99 other humans and you will fill your future with a whole lotta free 'za. All you have to do for those priceless slices is buy any drink and eat your meal in-house. Not too much to ask, if you ask me.

While I see this offer and opt to stay far away from the Old Port that day (I'm more of a sit idly by and avoid ravenous pizza chasers-type), I'm sure this gets a lot of engines revving. Be safe out there, pizza lovers, and head to Pat's Pizza's fb page for more deets (though I'm pretty sure I've conveyed the important ones here).

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