They're known as the slowest mammals on Earth and one of the cutest. Now you have a chance to see one in person by meeting a sloth at the Natural History Exhibition in Lewiston.

This all ages event will have over 30 live animal exhibits and educational programs running throughout the weekend. Not only can you meet a sloth, but there will be an armadillo, tortoises, rabbits, ferrets and even snakes and tarantulas if that's up your alley.

The show is put on by The Foundation for Animal Rescue and Education and Little Ray’s Nature Centers and happens January 26 and 27 at the Ramada Hotel and Conference Center in Lewiston-Auburn. Tickets are $14 at the door and $12 if you buy online in advance. Kids 2 and under are free.

There are several educational presentations throughout the day, and if you want to see the sloth, you'll have to catch one of the four mammal presentations.

For more information and tickets to the Natural History Exhibition where you can meet a sloth, hit the link below.



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