Karen is...uh, was a huge fan of humorist and writer David Sedaris, and was horrified after what he did to her at a book signing. Have you ever met an idol and been crushed?

Karen went to her third David Sedaris show in Portland. It will be her last. It was the first time she went to the book signing table and she was so excited to meet him!  Here's her conversation:

DS: “What’s your name?”
K:    “Karen”
DS: “Do you have children?”
K:    “I have a dog”
DS: “What’s his name?”
K:    “Cosmo”
DS: “How old?”
K:    “He’s 12.”
DS: “Oh, he’ll die soon. Yes, he’s 12, he’ll die soon.”

Then he took her book, (Me Talk Pretty One Day) and drew a gravestone with R.I.P. Cosmo on it. He said he was drawing weeds that will grow up because ‘You'll forget about him and get another puppy”.


Karen was in shock and speechless. If it was meant as a joke, it was not funny in any way to Karen and simply mean and cruel. She was a huge fan - and now is not.

I haven't met a celebrity that I was a HUGE fan of. I have met some celebrities, and for the most part they were lovely. Alec Baldwin was the best...

But I do remember being about 19 years old, living in Los Angeles and seeing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at the airport. I walked up to him and politely asked for his autograph, telling him I was a big fan.


He said one word...'No.'

Alrighty then.


Have you ever met your idol, only to be crushingly disappointed?



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