This is Kristopher. He's from Poland, Maine. He does a couple of tricks that will truly make you scream, 'How did he do that?!'



Had the pleasure meeting Kristopher from Poland. I have to apologize to Kristopher, because I don't know his last name. You see, I met Kristopher at the March of Dimes 'Walk for Babies' in Portland.

His magic was so amazing, that I asked him to write down his name...which he did...which I then promptly lost. This kid has so much talent. He has an amazing slight of hand. Don't believe me? Watch for yourself! This is one of the card tricks he had us screaming about...


Then just when we thought we were done having our minds blown. He asked if there were a couple of nickles around. He said that coin was the perfect weight for his next trick. Thank God his mom had a couple of nickles. Made him do this one twice, because - HOW DID HE DO THAT?


Thank you Kristopher for sharing your amazing talent! I'll keep an eye out for you...because you are going far!


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