It sells out every year - so it's a good thing Tony got his tickets early.


When you want to be with the woman you love for the rest of your life - how do you ask her? How about in front of ohhhh, say 4,000 people filled with food truck food and drinks?


It's a good thing we know a couple of people at Street Eats and Beats, because we were able to help Tony come up with plan on how to surprise Lisa.

Lisa loves the 80's and the band, 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' is an awesome 80's cover band! They were performing at SEB and the lead singer called Lisa up on stage. She thought to sing an 80's tune.

But then the jig was up when she also called Tony up. You can see Lisa's wheels turning in her head and I'm pretty sure she knew something was going on!


Congratulations to Lisa and Tony! Thanks for picking Street Eats and Beats as the place to get engaged!

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