Marriage is a serious proposal, and nobody knows that better than an already-married couple.

With rising divorce rates in the 1980s and '90s, then a decrease in divorce rates in the 2000s and beyond, you'd think marriage was on the rise. But there's also been a decrease in marriage rates, according to

You would think with the number of weddings we get invited to, the marriage rate would be up, but in some states there's still a high rate of marriages for a variety of reasons.

According to, a recent survey proved certain states have higher marriages for some obvious reasons.

For instance, Nevada ranked number one, but is already known as the self-proclaimed "Wedding Capital of the World", with chapels everywhere (Elvis or not).

ben rosett via
ben rosett via

Coming in at #2 was Hawaii, with its romantic atmosphere and stunning scenery.  Montana comes in 3rd place, not far behind Hawaii.  Montana is known for its strong sense of family and community, and people share the values of a marriage.

Utah and Arkansas are 4th and 5th, with a strong sense of family, and Alabama and Tennessee are tied for 6th with a social importance placed on marriage.

sandy millar via
sandy millar via

Here's where it gets interesting.

Colorado, Idaho, Vermont, and Wyoming are all tied for 7th place.  Vermont is the first New England state to show up in the top 10, but not the only one.  When you think of Vermont, you think of mountains, views, and peaceful spots to tie the knot.

Washington, DC, and Maine are tied for 8th, with Maine being another beautiful and serene place to begin a family, and Florida is 9th with its diverse communities and bonds.

And in the number 10 spot it's New Hampshire.  For a small state, there's a lot to love about the mountains, lakes, and celebrating love in the "Live Free or Die" state.

Three New England states offer so much to start a hopefully successful marriage.

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