With New England roads being slick and slippery during the winter months, we can never have too many crossing guards. What’s surprising, though, is that sentiment is apparently shared by our friends in the animal kingdom.

A posted by a Twitter user has gone viral, showing a wild turkey on a New Hampshire roadway standing up for its own – and standing guard while they cross the street.

“So what?” you say, “it’s just a turkey.”

Oh yeah? Hold onto your giblets and try to keep a straight face while saying you’d stand up to this dude:

While the clip is just now gaining traction, it was first posted back in November, just days before Thanksgiving. But…I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this turkey is still doin’ just fine.

In fact, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to learn that he retweeted this clip himself.

According to the New Hampshire Fish and Game, the state has approximately 45,000 wild turkeys. Just last year, the state asked residents to report turkey sightings as part of its Turkey Flock Survey.

The reason for this is that the number of turkeys reported in the state during the wintertime had dropped in 2021, after steadily increasing in 2019 and 2020.

And if you’ve ever been stuck at a roadway like this motorist was, wondering if the flock would ever end, you’re not going crazy; the average number of turkeys per flock in New Hampshire is 17.5.

“What’s a turkey and-a-half??” you ask.

The Birdzilla standing guard in the video, that’s what.

Imagine the action if we put that turkey up against that gopher snake someone found in a New Hampshire bathroom.

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