Car slides right into home! Homeowner says they got lucky, but they are sick of it!


According to the Sun Journal police spoke with home owner Gail Shelley on Gamage Avenue and there was minimal damage to the porch. But in the Facebook post, you can tell that Gail is frustrated!

Gail pleads in the post:

I’m sick of it. SOMETHING needs to be done NOW.


Today we had a pretty minimal snow storm, but it was JUST enough to screw up everyone's drive. Gail just happened to be home from surgery and the Sun Journal reports that her husband was home on the couch. Had the stop sign gone through the picture window, he probably would have had a stop sign in his head!

Sure the weather added to this car blowing through the stop - but they were also going way too fast for the conditions. Remember...take it easy when it snow. Even when it only snows a couple of inches.


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