Got to love the feeling of security when you get cameras to put in your house, right?

Well, I now don't know if I should be feeling safe in my own place due to what I saw at night on the playback from my cameras.

My cameras let me know of any sound or motion detected. There shouldn't be any detected when I am in bed, yet I keep getting alerts of movement in the living room and kitchen.

Do you believe in ghosts? Or orbs? I swear I saw about three orbs floating around my kitchen last night.

I watch way too many horror movies, to be seeing this before trying to go to bed. I've seen "Paranormal Activity," I don't need my bedroom door opening in the middle of the night or worse, waking up to see someone standing next to my bed.

Of course, I had to google hauntings in the area, and it seems that the closest haunted place is 6 miles away from where I live. That distance is fine with me! I mean, people have passed away in my town, which I would assume.

I have been lucky enough to not see any figures yet on the cameras, just strange balls of light flying around in the kitchen. The scary part is it looks like they are going to the knives.

Luckily, no knives have been moved, so maybe there should not be any real fear. All I can do is hope that if these are ghosts/orbs, they are nice (it would be more reassuring if they stop going towards the knives).

Before you think, oh it could be a car passing by, just know that I keep my blinds shut! Plus, the way that the light moves cannot be a car. I also live on the third floor, so I highly doubt car headlights would do this.

Good, bad, or no ghost at all, I will be getting a witch ball (which traps negative energy) and some sage and hope that I do not set off the smoke alarm in my apartment.

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