For a lot of people, the Old Port Festival in Portland is a chance to have some fair foods, do some unique shopping and catch some amazing live entertainment, For others, it's a chance to indulge in adult beverages and practice very specific dance moves in parking lots. Thank the heavens for video.

Shared on Instagram by g60247, this short video officially wins Old Port Fest 2017 in our opinion.  First off, we are unaware if this dude was indulging in adult beverages but our best guess is yes. Secondly, we commend him for his impeccable worm form after such beverages and give him 4 stars for a perfectly executed dance move.

But wait...there's more.

It appears that the lord of the dance is in some pain after his stellar performance which is too be expected. If there was a manual on how and when to perform the worm, it certainly would not include "in a parking lot while buzzed". Also, the other dude (presumably a friend) laughing uncontrollably in the background is another dynamite highlight of this short, but so very satisfying video.

There was probably more questionable behavior at Old Port Festival 2017 than what was caught on video, but we thought this was #1.

A close #2? What happened to the girl who was wearing this shoe? Heck of a rally.

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