Pitcher Pedro Martinez was great at getting strikeouts during his time with the Boston Red Sox from 1998 to 2004. So great that his number was retired with other great Red Sox legends like Carl Yaztremski, Ted Williams, Jim Rice and Wade Boggs. When Pedro appeared on a recent episode of Celebrity Family Feud with Steve Harvey, he was the one getting the strikes.

Pedro was part of the MLB Legends taking on the NBA Legends and when it was Pedro's turn to answer question "Name soemthing that rhymes with yummy." He totally wiffed with his answer and Steve lost it.


The MLB Legends went on to win the game and even after that terrible answer, they chose Pedro to play Fast Money. He managed to get several number one answers, but one in particular got him a big fat goose egg, for good reason.



The worst part is they missed winning the $25,000 for their chairty by one point.



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