I've never had a garage, so my vehicles have always been exposed to the elements at home. It's not that bad except in the winter when they get covered in snow and even worse.. ice. Back in 2011, with a forecast once again calling for freezing rain with significant coatings of ice, I had had enough. I wanted to just get in my truck and go in the morning.

So I got a little creative and came up with a way I thought would keep it ice free. I grabbed a blue tarp and strapped it with bungee cords to the bumpers and frame of my truck, making sure to cover the entire cab and all the windows. How could this not work?

I remember talking about my plan the day before the storm on the Q Morning Show and both Lori and Meredith were skeptical. So I took video to document the results.

Ice free baby! Yo kick it Ice!


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