Today I looked outside expecting to be under another pile of snow that may have fallen overnight.

I woke up the TV telling me everything that anybody may have wanted to do besides work is either closed or canceled. I looked out and saw no new snow had fallen.

I got showered, dressed, and walked out, to almost slide into a snowbank. I recovered without busting my behind and shuffled to my Subaru, which was encased in a clear coat of ice.

I was able to force the car door open and turn the ignition for just a bit to warm up the car and scrap the rest of the ice off.

I know what you are thinking, "why am I reading this?"

Because if I had these products below, things would have been a lot easier, and I want you to have it better than I did the next time we have an ice storm.

This will keep ice and snow from delaying your road trips or errands.

You have seen some type of these before. These will keep you from slipping and causing yourself serious harm.

I have to say that these items are essential for what winters her have in store for now on, I know you must think I am here to sell you things, but that is not the case. I am just looking out for my friends. :)

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