On a recent trip to Kissimmee Florida, 14-year-old Derrick from West Paris and Lucas decided they would go for a ride on the Slingshot. It turned out to be a ride he will never forget. Well, except for that part where he passed out.

The Slingshot is a thrill ride that launches you straight up in the air like being snapped by a rubber band. It's fast and furious and more than some people can handle. If you've never seen it, here's what it looks like from the ground.

It also has a camera mounted in the seat to capture the reactions of riders as they suddenly get launched skyward. Lucky for us, not so fortunate for young Derrick.

You can tell Derrick and Lucas are a little nervous just before launch. It also didn't help ease their anxiety when the ride operator faked them out with his launch countdown by not pulling the trigger, instead waiting for when the weren't expecting it.

Derrick let's out a shriek all the way up and when he gets to the top, he passes out on the trip back down. Then as soon as he regains consciousness, he's right back to screaming. And yes, there's some S and F bombs dropped. You probably would too.


His mom said it is "literally the funniest thing I have ever ever WITNESSED!!"

In Derrick's defense, passing out is pretty common on this ride as there are several videos on YouTube showing people who just couldn't handle the g-forces.



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