Ever since Portland Downtown put up their live Monument Square Tree Cam so people could see the tree 24/7 on YouTube, we've been having fun with it. Since the tree is right outside our studios, we've done some crazy things in front of it. What happened on Friday though is probably the best yet.

We called up Slugger the Sea Dog and members of the Portland Police Department to join Lori and Brittany to dance to YMCA next to the tree. Lori played the construction worker because she has a hard hat, Brittany played the bikers, the police officers were, well, police officers and Slugger was himself dressed in Christmas pajamas and a Santa hat.

One things to note is that the tree cam does not have audio, because why would it? It's mounted on a building across the street. It's also pretty far away, but you can't miss Slugger. Wait for him to do the worm!

If you want to see this up close, you can see our Facebook Live video on our Facebook page. In fact at one point, Slugger gets an extreme close up.

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