I had heard the story of Avery Redding a few times today but it didn't really hit me what a close call it was until I saw the video.

Avery is 14-years-old and went ice fishing near his home in Milford this weekend. He donned his GoPro camera in hopes of capturing a great catch. What he did capture was chilling.

News Center Maine reports that hearing gunshots in that area isn't out of the ordinary with the Maine Youth Fish & Game Association nearby as well as hunting area so Avery didn't think much of the noise until something whizzed by his head.

Jump to 1 minute 30 seconds, the sound is unmistakable.

His father Matt told News Center Maine that he thought his son was exaggerating what happened until he saw the video. It was at that point, realizing the real danger his son was in that he went to find out what really happened and got Maine Game Wardens involved.

It was then discovered that an individual had been shooting at a target close to the ground which caused bullets to essentially ricochet off the ground and fly across the frozen lake to where Avery was fishing.

Matt is now advocating for gun owners to educate themselves on firearm safety.

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