Nearly a month has passed since the tragedy in Lewiston, Maine, when 40-year-old Robert Card fatally shot 18 people and injured 13 others. The families of the victims and residents of Lewiston are still coping with what none of us ever thought would happen in Maine.

Legends Sports Bar and Grill is located on Mollison Way in Lewiston, the same street where Just-In-Time Recreation is located and one of the two locations Card went to. So it's likely been difficult for the staff and guests.

Melinda Small, the owner of Legends, posted on the restaurant's Facebook page about an encounter she had with one of the guests, and provided some wisdom for everyone who is still coping with what happened.

She said that the past two weeks have been challenging for people, which has caused her to feel the need to be at the restaurant more to greet the guests and thank them for coming.

She thanked one of her guests, who then asked Melinda how many exit doors they had. Melinda said there were four, and pointed them out. This person said he had a fear of going out in public and felt vulnerable.

Melinda addressed vulnerability so eloquently in her post. It's really something we should all take to heart:

When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we open up to the possibility of new experiences, learning, and connections. It involves stepping outside our comfort zones, taking risks, and being authentic about our thoughts and feelings. This openness can foster personal development and deepen relationships.
This conversation will stay etched in my mind for life. Taking steps to normalcy after trauma is courageous. I feel blessed this guest had the courage to trust me with his vulnerability.

Well said, Melinda. #LewistonStrong

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