Heroes don't always wear capes.

A family of ducks lost their way in Portland and found themselves in the area of the McDonald's location on St. John Street. People watched as the family of ducks trudged along until something horrible happened. Several of the ducklings following their mother slipped into a nearby sewer drain. That is when a photojournalist and the manager of the McDonald's location jumped into action.

This video shared on Twitter by Portland Press Herald photojournalist Ben McCanna shows the manager of the McDonald's location, Chris, plunging himself into the sewer in the drive-thru lane to rescue the ducklings. McCanna details their quick thinking by stating the pair pried the sewer cover off, managed to save 5 of the ducklings with a makeshift lifeboat of cardboard taped to a monopod, but Chris refused to leave the remaining ducklings in the sewer so he jumped in.

Chris pulled 3 more of the ducklings to safety. Despite the valiant effort by everyone involved, two of the ducklings were unable to be rescued. Those that survived the ordeal were returning to their mother and continued trotting on their way.

Kudos to Chris from McDonald's, Ben and whomever else jumped to action to save a wayward family of ducks.

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