The storms we had on July 1 that created heavy rain, thunderstorms and even tornadoes in Western Maine put us underwater at Keoka Beach Campground and washed out all the roads out of the campground.

Keoka Lake and the campground sits near the base of Hawk Mountain and when we get a heavy rain a culvert catches all the water of the mountain and brings it to the lake. That culvert runs right past my site and the rain was so intense that the culvert couldn't handle the rush of water so it backed up onto my site covering it right up to my deck.We ended up having to move our cars to higher ground just in case the water level kept rising.

I captured it all on Facebook Live. The download quality of your live videos isn't great, but this gives you an idea of how quickly waters can rise.


Here's what things look like a week later. The road was repaired within hours. It helps when a family with an excavation company owns the campground.

Bridge over Culvert


This was all flowing with water at one point. That leaf and debris pile is only a small bit of what I had to rake up that got left behind.

Toward the Bench


My bench and fire-pit were underwater. Now it's like a sandy beach.

Up the Culvert

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