Sapphire Nightclub and Event Center in Auburn has decided to shut down their chem-free teen nights after a massive brawl broke out between some teens and the security on premises. Jeremy Fitts, the president of Sapphire Nightclub, shared a post on Facebook detailing the events that transpired and also shared some disturbing video of the incident in question.

The post is likely to touch a nerve with those in the Lewiston/Auburn community as well as others statewide because the individuals involved. Fitts states in his post that the aggressive individuals in this video were Somalians, although there is no confirmation of that. Fitts does state that this could have been anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity or background.


The incident allegedly began because a knife was confiscated by a member of the Sapphire security staff and would not be returned until a parent was present. That reportedly escalated tensions, and the incident above allegedly played out.

Fitts states that he feels that Sapphire security can longer properly protect the teens at chem-free night as well as not being able to protect themselves properly. Fitts said that during this melee, the security guard in the video was left with a broken nose, a female staff member was left with bite marks and a black eye, and Fitts himself was repeatedly punched in the face.



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