Scarbrough native Samantha Ramsdell has been making waves lately thanks to her massively popular TikTok page, her official Guinness World Record for the woman with the largest mouth and her appearance on Italy's Got Talent. So it only seems appropriate that she would watch the professionals make waves while she sings to them.

Samantha recently visited Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut. Mystic is the setting for the 1988 romantic comedy Mystic Pizza starring Annabeth Gish, Julia Roberts and a young Matt Damon in his very first film role.

Mystic Aquarium is home to three beluga whales named Juno, Natasha & Kela and while Samantha was there, the aquarium shot a TikTok video of her singing to one of the whales up against the glass of its tank. As she sang, the whale hovered near Samantha seeming to be enjoying the mini-concert. In case you didn't know, in addition to her talent of stuffing giant sandwiches into her mouth, Samantha is also a very talented singer.

If you didn't recognize the song that Samantha was singing and the whale was enjoying, it's the 2003 Alicia Keys hit, "If I Ain't Got You."

According to NewsWeek, beluga whales are highly intelligent, social and vocal, so it would make sense that they would enjoy Samantha's singing.

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