Maine's most famous author, Stephen King, has never been much of a television star throughout his large and extremely successful career. Occasional cameos in movies, an interview here and there and poof, back behind a typewriter/keyboard to write another best-seller. So imagine the surprise when stumbling across this old public service announcement from sometime in the late 1980's/90's posted on YouTube courtesy of Television Archives.

While the time frame of when this PSA was shot and aired is up for debate, the content isn't. Part of the charm of watching this PSA now, is to see what libraries were offering "back in the day". Computer access (presumably to play Oregon Trail or Where In The World Is Carmen SanDiego?), a chance to listen to music (records or cassettes?) and of course plenty and plenty of books!

While the title says Stephen King looks to "frighten" you into using the library, the truth is the PSA just plays on King's horror background as a writer with sound and camera effects. The message is clear, libraries are a great retreat for writers and readers. Speaking of which, how many PSA's do you see on television or the internet these days featuring popular writers/stars inviting kids to do something positive with their free time? Is that a lost art?

Oh, and if Mr. King sees this, we weren't trying to embarrass you. It was just too good not to re-watch!

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