We're taking you back to 1987 with this iconic TV commercial featuring this Red Sox legend- the late, great Ted Williams. Williams played left field for the Sox from 1939 to 1960. He did take some time off to fight in World War II, which only makes his legend even greater. "Teddy Ballgame" played his entire career as a Red Sox (are you listening Damon, Clemens. Ellsbury, Boggs?), so he, of course, would become a perfect spokesperson for New England brands.


JJ Nissen bakery hired Williams to do  print and TV commercials, and if you were around Maine in the 1980s, I bet you will remember this one:

Do you remember the guy with Williams in these commercials? That's Maine legend Bud Leavitt. Bud was a newspaper writer and avid outdoorsman. He and Williams were fishing buddies, so they made a perfect couple for these charming TV spots.

Williams must have really loved Maine. After he retired in 1960, he tried to buy LL Bean!  Check out this letter to L.L. himself.

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