I have never hiked the Precipice Loop trail within Acadia National Park, and after seeing this video I never will.

Yikes! That's really up there.

Yes, we have stood in the Sand Beach parking lot in the dead of summer while looking up at what seems to be an endless line of climbers making their way up the very steep and rocky ledges of Champlain Mountain within Acadia National Park.  While we were standing there looking up, we were extremely happy we were not one of them.

The Precipice Trail is probably the most challenging of Acadia's hiking trails, rising up over 1000 feet and requiring a ton of both physical and mental strength, according to NPS.Gov.  Just looking up from the parking lot and observing, we could have told you that.

This short video was taken by Byron Hodgkins this week and then posted to the Friends of Acadia Facebook page.  It shows a very narrow ledge with a few iron hand railings bolted into the rock, and more importantly, it shows the vantage point of our hiker high above the clouds.

It makes people like me quiver in my panties.

Like the Friends of Acadia Facebook post states,  the "Precipice Loop is one of the most dangerous hikes in the park", and people should do a little investigative exploring before heading up there.

We have read the stories over the years of barefoot hikers along with others that made it only so far before calling for help and being rescued.

I won't be one of them.  Because I'll be down below with my tootsies buried into the sand beach while eating potato chips and watching bikini clad girls from New Jersey walk by

But hey, you have fun up there.

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