My property is surrounded on a couple of sides by wooded areas including an area that fills with water. If we didn't have a mosquito control service spray every year, they would be pretty bad. But besides the mosquitos, those woods and water also attract deer.

We've seen deer on our lawn quite often, but as soon as they see us, they dart off into the woods. Just this week I came home, opened my car door and got out and was face to face with a deer just a mere 20 feet or so away that quickly scampered off through the woods.

The one I saw on Thursday though, came as a total surprise when saw it out the bathroom window. This deer was comfortably sitting at the back of the yard up against the tall weeds just hanging out. I took a few pictures through the window, but the screens in them didn't make for a very good photo. Shooting video worked better when I went to the kitchen window, but it still wasn't great, so I wondered what would happen if I went outside.

I slowly and quietly walked out the side door of the house and around to the back, slowly approaching it and then sitting down in an Adirondack chair up against the house. That got the deer's attention, but it didn't move. It just sat there looking at me, as we stared each other down.

After a few minutes it seemed to get a little nervous and stood up, but still didn't leave. A minute or so later, it was done and slowly walked along the back perimeter of the yard and out into the woods.


I know what you're saying. "But Jeff, you don't like animals?" Not entirely true. I don't like pets. Deer don't get up in your face and lick things or scratch you and you don't have to feed them or clean up their little boxes.

This was just a little bit of an encounter with nature that require nothing on my part.

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