Pickles are delicious on sandwiches, burgers, and if you're like my girlfriend Michele, pizza. Blech!

When you've got a fresh jar of pickles, relish, spaghetti sauce, or anything that has a vacuum seal on it, sometimes it feels like you need a blowtorch to get into the damn thing making it not worth the effort.

Lori found a life hack that just made the task of opening vacuum-sealed jars super easy, so we decided to give it a try.

There are lots of different methods you can use to get a stubborn jar of pickles to open. Using something that gives you friction on the lid can work, but often doesn't for me. Some try banging the lid on the counter which can work as well by breaking the pressure seal on the lid. But rather than banging it on your counter, you can accomplish the same thing much easier by using a spoon.

The trick is the little notches you'll see under the sides of the lid. Taking your spoon and using it a little bit like a mini crowbar, you can lift up on those ridges very easily and break the vacuum seal that is making opening by hand feel like a feat that only Superman can accomplish.

Lori demonstrates how to do it in the Instagram video, and it's sooooo easy. Just listen for the pop!

And just like that, your jar is open!

Also, you really need to try Wickles if you like things with a little bit of heat. We can go through a jar of these in a week!

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