I can't believe it's 2019 and we still have the problem of people not removing the snow off of their vehicles completely. I've been behind cars where a huge chunk of snow and ice suddenly rips off the roof, flies up in the air spinning wildly, then comes crashing down on the road in front of me. Yes, I've been hit with snow from cars also, but mostly I'm able to pump the brakes in time to miss it. I shouldn't have to do that however as everyone KNOWS that they are supposed to clean their vehicles off but still some people don't.

Storm Emma Meets The Beast From The East Bringing Further Snow Chaos To The UK
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Maybe it's a time thing, running late to work or where ever, no time to get it all. Maybe it's just laziness, or maybe people just don't think about the safety of those around them.

I've seen friends post of Facebook about the scary experience. We've pretty much all seen it happen or have had it happen to us.

So here's a little video about how to clean the snow off your car before you drive away and put the lives of those around you in avoidable danger.

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